Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Make a Thanksgiving Beer Pilgrimage

Make a Thanksgiving Beer Pilgrimage

What did the pilgrims drink at their first Thanksgiving feast? It’s unlikely they transported much wine across the Atlantic, but they could and did make their own beer in the new world. Today, you don’t have to make your own − unless you like to − but you can try this for Thanksgiving.

Appetizers and before dinner noshes.

For crackers and cheese, sliced salamis and raw veggies with dips − even chips and dip− open something with a bit of vibrant fizz, sparkle, well-balanced aroma and flavor, and moderate alcohol content. Try Brooklyn “East India Pale Ale”, a 6.8% abv IPA from Brooklyn Brewery; or “Rare Vos”, a 6.5% Belgian-style amber ale from Brewery Ommegang. Another fine local choice is “Old Slugger”, a hearty 5.5% English-style pale ale from Cooperstown Brewing. Serve any of the above well chilled at 40º.

There are at least two distinct ways to pair beer with roasted turkey.

The first is contrast: Pick a beer with distinctive characteristic that enlivens the turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. For example, try Ommegang’s “Hennepin Farmhouse Saison”. At 7.7% abv, Hennepin blends five spices, including a hint of ginger into a golden, slightly hoppy thirst-quencher. Full-bodied and effervescent, Hennepin cuts against the rich, meaty fatness of the turkey and gravy. Also try “Brooklyn Lager”, a fully-hopped American amber lager at 5.2% abv; or “Nine Man Ale” from Cooperstown Brewing. This is a 4.3% golden ale brewed with plenty of hops and wheat. Serve any of the above moderately chilled at 45-50º.

The second is complement: Pick a beer with characteristic that parallel the richness of turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. Try “Ommegang Abbey Ale Dubbel”. At 8.5% abv, Ommegang Abbey Ale blends exotic spices with several distinct malts and multiple hops, into a ruby-colored, strong Belgian-style ale. Full-bodied and lush, with complex flavors and aromas, creamy head, and strong abv, this beer literally cuts the fat and starches from the palate, letting the flavors of the next bite come through. Also try “Brooklyn Winter Ale”, a full-bodied Scottish-style ale at 6% abv; or “Pride of Milford “ from Cooperstown Brewing: it’s a 7.7% strong and complex amber ale, brewed with five malts and a special yeast. Serve any of the above at 50º.

Believe it or not, dessert is the easy part.

”Strike Out” stout from Cooperstown Brewing, at 4.6%, is a deep, dark stout that goes well with spiced cakes and pumpkin pies. “Monster Barleywine” from Brooklyn, is a big (10.8% abv), aged barleywine that will go splendidly with crème brulee and dense, rich flourless cakes. Finally, Ommegang’s “Three Philosophers” is a 9.8% Belgian-style quadruple with a bit of blended-in cherry Kriek beer. It’s a cinch for pairing with berry desserts and anything chocolate. There are also lots of pumpkin beers out there, and many are worth a try. Still, we prefer our pumpkin in a pie, not in our beer. Serve any of the above at 50º.

The idea is simple. All the above beers are brewed in New York State and should be readily available. They offer a huge range of flavors, aromas, bodies, and alcohol content. Make your own pilgrimage and try them out.

Larry Bennett, Brewery Ommegang, Nov 24, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Holiday Wines

Many people have trouble selecting wines that pair well with traditional holiday meals, especially turkey, which has a tendency to make delicious red and white wines taste like aluminum foil. Fruity Beaujoliais are a great solution, but consider asking your wine merchant to order some Sparkling Shiraz for you. It seems strange, a deep rich sparkling red wine, but it's fun and tasty and goes good with hams, roasts and even turkeys and other birds.

Check out Terry's Wines in Cherry Valley.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nectar Hills Farm

The Nectar Hills Farm is a Certified Organic Farm in Schenevus, NY that grows produce and livestock for area restaurants and farmer's markets. The Nectar Hills Farm Store is located in Cherry Valley, NY and sells gifts, jewelry and clothing as well as farm food products. Nectar Hills Farm sells its wonderful Lamb, Pork and Beef, produce and eggs, as well as other specialty items, at the Cooperstown Farmers Market and The Borough Hall Green Market in Brooklyn.


"There can be only one...Highlander."

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Welcome to Upstate NY Edible & Sustainable. This is a blog for anyone interested in the growing community of growers, animal husbands, farmers, cheese makers, brew masters and the like that are populating the middle and upper counties of New York State. My name is Clement Coleman and I have been the Chef and Owner of The Rose and Kettle Restaurant for 7 years.

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The Rose and Kettle is committed to a few simple principles: Great Food, Great Service, and growing the local agricultural community to source fine ingredients for our guests. Our blog has been a successful tool for communicating with the community, so I thought it would be a good experiment to create a general forum for friends and peers in the area whose interests overlap. Please comment and let me know who you'd like to hear from and what you would like to know.

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